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Map and Track Your
Hand Pain

Pain Diary was created to help organize your pain information and make it easy to access in a central and secure place.

We took the traditional "Pain Diary" concept to the next level by making it digitally available for you, so that you can carry it anywhere in your smartphone.

Pain Diary - Map, Track, and Share your Hand Pain

Pain Points and Pain Islands

Capture Photographs

Open the "Pain Diary" app on your smartphone. Click the "Create New Record" button at the bottom to capture a photo or select an image from your camera roll of the affected/problematic area.

Mark Pain Points

Tap on the image to place "X" marks to pinpoint the pain points in your palm, hand, wrist, fingers, etc.

Draw Pain Islands

Long press on the image to draw "Pain Islands" with your finger to highlight huge areas where you experience pain or other symptoms.

You can edit the photo/image and add new pain points and pain islands anytime you want.

Pain Points & Pain Islands

Generate Pain Records

Generate Pain Records_Pain Diary

Pain Records

Document each pain event with all the details that are necessary for your physician to review later.

Every Detail Counts

Mention important details such as severity, frequency, types of pain and symptoms, pain rating, etc.


Every Pain Record has an individual "Note" section where you can type or dictate additional details such as how and when it started, what makes it worse or better, etc.

Voice Records

Record voice messages to describe the pain event to your physician or healthcare team to get better healthcare management.

You can edit the photo/image and add new pain points and pain islands anytime you want.

Share Your Pain Records

You're In Charge

When you share a Pain Record, you have complete control over what you share and the people you share with. And you can make changes at any time.

Export as PDF

Share your Pain Record as a simple PDF document to your doctor, family, or friends.

Export Multiple Records

Share your Pain Records from a selected range of dates to your health care provider to evaluate and track your pain and symptoms to manage your health better.

Choose from a variety of options like the previous month, this month, this year, or select custom range to export records between two different dates.

Share Pain Records_Pain Diary

Health Profile

Health Profile_Pain Diary

Be Your Own Expert

The Health Profile makes understanding your health information a bit simpler by helping you manage and sort through them with ease.

Always with You

Carry your Health Profile on your smartphone. The Health Profile helps you make sense of your health information. So you can see everything from how healthy you are and what’s best for you.

A View of You

The Health Profile puts your important health information at your fingertips for you or your physician to take a glance when needed.

Pain Diary gives you access to review, edit, or delete any of your basic, health, and/or other information at any time.

Privacy and Security at its Core

Your Health Information is Safe

As we introduce and expand ways to share your health data, privacy continues to be at the core.

All of our Health Information, including Pain Records, Health Profile, and other information are safe as Pain Diary is built to keep your data secure and protect your privacy.

You are in Control

Your data stays on your device and is encrypted. And you are always in control of your health information.

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals and that is why we designed Pain Diary in a way to protect your privacy.

Privacy and Security_Pain Diary
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