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A Good Design is worth a 1000 words

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

One of the most important objectives of a web/ui/ux design is to convey the purpose of your business to the customers. Having a ton of words and sentences is not going to achieve the goal, but a Good Design.

Why a Good Design is important?

It has been a long way how the designing trend evolved and it is quite interesting how it changes its pattern over time. Writing paragraphs of information is not going to work anymore. Defining you business goals should be quick, fast and much simpler than previous, and that could be hard if you are not prepared for that. In this golden age of digital world, there is no time for the people to read a lot of words to understand your business goals.

The most successful companies know that there are compelling reasons to prioritize design to improve the odds of success. Good Design creates meaningful first impressions, helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors, can solve problems, and boosts brand awareness and the bottom line.

We all know how Apple, Google and Facebook changed their design patterns over the time and that has paid off in a good way. Clean, simple and minimalistic designs have much more attraction than describing the business in a 1000 elements.

Example of Bad Design

Example of Good Design

Getting straight to the point is very important and a lot more powerful than clutters of information in front of the customers' face. Making your design user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and effective in every possible way is essential and that defines your brand.

How can you achieve a Good Design?

Here are 10 important principles that you need to consider to achieve a Good Design.

  1. Clean, Simple and Minimalistic design

  2. Good typography and readability

  3. Straight to the point

  4. Compatible to different screen sizes (especially smartphones)

  5. Choosing relevant color palette

  6. Images/illustrations to describe

  7. Easy navigation

  8. Small interactive elements

  9. Effective call-to-action

  10. Maintaining consistency

It has been great talking with you!

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